Our business

Vision and business concept

The vision of Train Alliance is for maximum utilisation of rolling stock and for rail traffic to function efficiently so that freight and people can be transported safely and on time. One prerequisite for this is a network of well-functioning railway facilities in strategically favourable locations. The rolling stock can be maintained and repaired in these facilities before quickly going back into service.

It’s only when the trains are in service that they create gains for train operators and society. Our business concept is to supply operators with modern, efficient production facilities for railway-related operations in infrastructure and logistics in the long term.

Our history

The railway industry has come a long way in just over 150 years. Nevertheless, at Train Alliance we are convinced that there is still a lot left to do. We are striving to change perceptions of what a strategically located railway facility means for efficiency and resource utilisation.

Train Alliance is an innovator with a fresh approach. Thanks to leading expertise in rolling stock and our own strategically located land, we can offer customers complete railway facilities, from start to finish.

Train Alliance is building the railway facilities of the future – today.


In the expanding railway industry, Train Alliance is helping to build a sustainable society with more environmentally efficient transport. Our aim is for the business as a whole to be environmentally sustainable.