Workshop design

The diagram shows a workplace for carrying out maintenance on a multiple-unit train where different jobs can be carried out in parallel so as to fit in with the downtime allowed by roster planning. Concurrent flows enable engineers to work on the rolling stock’s roofs, car bodies, frontal structures, interiors and underframes independently of each other.

The normal situation is that the train is stationary at a workplace that is equipped for different work tasks. Therefore, there are no lifting jacks in the diagram; instead there are mobile wheel set drop tables that dock to outlets in pillar-supported pits to allow access when changing wheelsets, for example. Roof-mounted equipment is replaced using a telpher track that runs along the whole track at each workplace. The entire roof system in the workshop is suspended from steel structures, which means there are no support pillars going down towards the production areas. Consequently, there are no obstacles to, for example, the changing of modules in underframes, which requires space for forklift operations.

The dimensions also create the conditions for efficient maintenance setups. The dimensions between the tracks in the workshop have been adapted for material transport and to create free space between the rolling stock’s carriage bodies in the production hall. This provides independence between the tracks and different work tasks do not interfere with each other in the facility. Similarly, it is at least ten metres from the gate to the front of the rolling stock, which allows for efficient warehouse logistics with transport corridors and lays the foundation for efficient work on the frontal structures of the rolling stock.

Terminal services are co-ordinated with maintenance; i.e. the rolling stock is cleaned, supplies are topped up, water is pressurised and sewage tanks are emptied. This means that the train is ready to operate when it leaves the workshop, and it doesn’t have to be moved to another facility section to be made ready for service.