Complete facility partner

Rolling stock is an expensive investment and must be maximised in terms of availability and value creation. Train Alliance delivers efficient railway facilities for railway maintenance to rolling stock owners, maintenance companies and public transport authorities.

Our concept is as innovative as it is unique. We are a complete facility partner that provides strategic locations with land ready for rail, including infrastructure. We can set up modern, tailor-made production facilities for our customers in these locations that meet their entire maintenance and service needs. The customers then decide whether they want to lease the facility or purchase it and run it themselves.

We have all the necessary technical and facility expertise. As seasoned railway experts we are more involved from concept and planning through to inspection of the completed facility than conventional property owners. Our ability to deliver optimised, industry-leading solutions makes entering into a partnership with Train Alliance profitable.

Areas of expertise

Acomplete facility partner for railway-related operations.

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Facilites we manage

We manage railway facilities in strategic locations.

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