Freight wagon workshop in Malmö

The EU railway package has laid down new rules and extensive requirements for how railway rolling stock is to be repaired and maintained. The requirements include that rolling stock must be lifted using jacks indoors and that there must be inspection pits for servicing underneath the rolling stock together with areas for wheel changes and effective testing of brakes, etc. Certifications and approvals are extensive for international freight wagon traffic.

Modern workshop that adheres to EU standards

In order to meet the EU’s new requirements, NetRail AB decided to establish a modern railway workshop in Malmö. NetRail is a leading player in the maintenance and leasing of railway rolling stock. NetRail is the only company in Sweden to be approved and certified in accordance with both ECM (all four levels) and VPI rules for servicing rolling stock along the tracks. NetRail chose Train Alliance as its facility partner to establish the new freight wagon workshop in Malmö.

“Train Alliance has demonstrated that it is equipped to satisfy NetRail’s cost requirements while delivering an efficient and modern facility, which is most pleasing. Freight wagon maintenance suppliers must deal with extensive competition with workshops in Scandinavia and on the continent,” says Jochum Ressel, owner of and operations manager at NetRail.

The best location

The project was completed in the spring of 2019, with Train Alliance delivering a complete solution for the maintenance and servicing of freight wagons in full compliance with NetRail’s wishes, along with space for service vehicles and substitute locomotives. Thanks to the great location of this new establishment adjacent to the freight yard, port and intermodal terminal, the operational capacity in the Malmö area has increased considerably, which safeguards and improves railway freight traffic as a whole. The workshop area will have full accessibility with good capacity to and from NetRail’s freight customers in the area.