Multiple unit-depot in Eskilstuna

Establishing a railway facility requires skill and resources within a number of areas. In 2014, Train Alliance was tasked by the Municipality of Eskilstuna to support it in developing the necessary documentation and technical concept in accordance with a request for information (RFI) issued by Mälardalstrafik MÄLAB AB.

Competent facility partner

When Mälartågen announced its intention to establish a new multi-unit depot to maintain its rolling stock, the Municipality of Eskilstuna decided to participate in the tender. With Train Alliance as its facility partner, the Municipality of Eskilstuna was able to submit an offer that went on to win the tender.

“We’re very happy with Train Alliance as our acting facility partner for design, technology selection and the siting of the workshop. The fact that it can supply land ready for railway operations in the best location is a plus,” says Per Idesten of the Municipality of Eskilstuna and project co-ordinator for Mälartågen’s workshop establishment.

A winning all-in-one concept

Train Alliance’s all-in-one facility partner concept enabled the unique location of the multi-unit depot in Eskilstuna, near Gredby. Train Alliance’s experience in procurement, its holding of strategic land and knowledge of modern technology were decisive factors in winning the Mälartågen tender. The multi-unit depot is expected to enter operation in 2020.