About Us

About Us

We are specialists in railway facilities

Train Alliance acquires strategically located land that we develop to make it railway-ready, designs and constructs facilities for train and rail infrastructure maintenance. Land and facilities are thereafter sold or leased in long-term contracts.

Business model and strategy

Train Alliance’s vision is to optimise the utilisation of rolling stock and make rail transport as efficient as possible, enabling goods and people to be transported in a safer and more timely manner. This requires a network of well-functioning railway facilities located in strategically advantageous locations, where rolling stock can be maintained and repaired and then quickly be put back into operation.

Our business

At Train Alliance, we acquire strategically located land and develop it to be railway-ready; designs and constructs facilities for train and rail infrastructure maintenance and logistics. The company was built up successively, and today we own just over 2 million sqm of land in strategic locations, of which around 40% is development land and around 60% is land that has been industrially zoned. A number of the facilities that the company manages are classified as being of national interest, while others are considered high priority by local decision-makers and large customers.


While the railway industry has come a long way in the past 150 years, at Train Alliance, we believe that there is still a lot to do. We are working to change the perception of what a strategically positioned railway facility means for efficiency and resource utilization.

Train Alliance is future-forward thinker and innovator. With in-depth expertise in rolling stock and our own strategically located land, we offer customers complete railway facilities.

Train Alliance as an investment

Train Alliance sees unique value creation opportunities in the 2020s.