Vacant land

Vacant land


Train Alliance has railway-connected land to exploit in several places in the Mälardalen region. The largest area is Tillberga Hedensberg 7:52, just north of Västerås, where the company has 915,000 square meters for which planning approval was given in 2023. Here, we are primarily planning the establishment of logistics solutions with rail connections, but the area can also accommodate maintenance facilities for railway vehicles. In our role as infrastructure owner and manager, we can develop the railway infrastructure ourselves, which provides considerable flexibility in how areas can be designed. We expect to be able to offer land in early 2025. Interested parties are welcome to contact us now to discuss opportunities. Send an email to and we will follow up shortly.

Train Alliance also has significant land holding in Hallsberg and Sigtuna. In these locations, development work has advanced further, but there may still be opportunities to establish logistics centres or other types of railway-related operations.

Train Alliance also has railway-connected land in Malmö, Borlänge and Luleå/Boden.

Sluice terminals – an alternative for better efficiency and lower costs

An alternative to establishing a facility on Train Alliance land, is to create a sluice terminal, which can be done in Hallsberg, Tillberga or Sigtuna. These are smaller, rail-connected terminals that are tailored to handle different types of goods, such as containers, trailers, bulk and forest products. These terminals are located on sidings from the railway’s main system, which Train Alliance operates. The concept can also be placed in other locations where the customer wants a flexible solution.

To provide opportunities for a green transport chain and fossil-free flows of goods to consumers in urban areas, shops and industries, Train Alliance equips sluice terminals with charging stations for electric vehicles. A clean transport chain can thereby be offered for the last mile of transport between the terminal and companies, stores or consumers.

Sluice terminals are a cost-effective and flexible alternative to laying tracks up to each building, industrial area or recipient of goods. By aligning interests and entering into long-term leases with customers, Train Alliance can design, finance and construct sluice terminals in an optimal and cost-effective way.
If interested, send an email to and we will follow up shortly.