Train Alliance as an investment

Train Alliance as an investment

Attractive and unique business model

Train Alliance develops land so that it can be used for railway-related operations, including workshops, logistics and staging areas. In direct connection to railway tracks, facilities are erected on behalf of customers who then either buy or rent these terminals and workshops. For surrounding land not connected to tracks, a number of different business models are applied to meet customers’ needs.

Climate concerns drive demand for Train Alliance services

Transferring transport to rail is necessary to reach the climate goals. Not only rail capacity but also peripheral functions, which are Train Alliance’s specialty, need to be expanded to meet the needs of today’s and tomorrow’s railways. EU and its member states are working actively to drive this transition to rail. Consumers place increasingly high demands on climate-neutral products. Green transport thus comes into focus for goods-producing corporations.

With in-depth expertise Train Alliance secures facilities’ function, availability and economy

Train Alliance has in-depth railway industry expertise. As one of very few, the company also holds safety permits as infrastructure manager for both main tracks and side tracks, assuming responsibility for safety, inspections, maintenance and capacity allocation. Altogether this means that Train Alliance can ensure the function, accessibility and economy in its facilities.

Train Alliance has land in strategic locations

Train Alliance works to a large extent with its own land. The company today owns around 3 million square meters of land in strategic locations, of which around 60 percent is land for development and the rest is ready for use. The strategic locations are important nodes or end points in the railway network.
The only land that is not offered to customers – to buy or rent – is land with railway tracks, which require permission for ownership, and also generate returns. The latter provide Train Alliance incentive to create facilities that are used frequently and heavily, resulting in a sustainable business with satisfied customers.

Train Alliance sees unique value creation opportunities in the 2020s

With a network of modern railway facilities in strategic locations, Train Alliance aims to create large and long-term value, for its customers, the company and its shareholders. Construction projects, consultancy fees, rents and infrastructure fees provide recurring revenue which is complemented by large value increases when raw land is converted into sought-after facilities.