Facility partner

Facility partner

A solid partner all the way

Train Alliance is a complete facility partner for railway-related businesses. Combining in-depth expertise with extensive experience, we offer the highest technology standards on the market with a sustainability focus. We own land and facilities in strategic locations for the railway industry.


As a facility partner, we support our customers and their projects from start to finish. We also handle trimming measures, warranty matters, and develop and manage facilities for train and railway infrastructure maintenance and logistics.

Train Alliance owns facilities and infrastructure that it leases to customers on long-term contracts, usually 10-25 years. The company also manages infrastructure and facilities owned by other companies. Our customers include maintenance providers, train operations, train manufacturers and logistics companies.

Train Alliance has its own management organisation for the infrastructure handled within the framework of infrastructure management. This also encompasses responsibility for and management of buildings and facilities, as well as follow-up and statistics reports. Managing rolling stock maintenance properties not only requires general property expertise but also specialist expertise in railway technology, putting great demands on the management organisation in terms of maximising rolling stock usage for our customers.

State-of-the-art workshops

Train Alliance designs and develops production facilities, including workshops, which enable clients to maximise usage of their rolling stock. The design of the facility and choice of technology are based on the needs of the rolling stock. Workshops are designed so that different jobs can be carried out in parallel, in order to minimise downtime.

Production technology

Train Alliance’s production technology is integral to the planning of new railway workshops and consists of three main activity areas: Technology, ILS and LCC.

Rolling stock expertise

Modern rolling stock is complex in nature and requires knowledge and expertise to optimise usage in the long-term. In line with this, the optimal design for building a rolling stock production facility also requires competence in and an understanding of the rolling stock. Train Alliance has extensive in-house expertise in the field of rolling stock technology, including traditional railways, local railways, tramways, and metro systems.


Infrastructure management

Train Alliance has its own management organisation for the infrastructure handled within the framework of infrastructure management. The management of railway infrastructure goes beyond that of traditional property management, requiring Train Alliance to have a safety permit as infrastructure manager, both for main tracks and side tracks. Infrastructure management entails ongoing responsibility for security, inspections, maintenance, capacity allocation, while complying with a series of laws, rules and regulations, calling for a state-of-the-art safety management system.



BEST (an acronym for the Swedish for Track, Electricity, Signal, Tele) is a competence managed and possessed by Train Alliance and covers all work in this discipline such as project planning, review, execution, inspection, maintenance, and consultation within the field in various business contexts.​


Train Alliance as an investment

Train Alliance sees unique value creation opportunities in the 2020s.