Production technology

Production technology

Train Alliance’s production technology is integral to the planning of new railway workshops and is made up of three main activity areas: Technology, ILS and LCC.

ILS (Integrated Logistic Support) covers all measures for efficient maintenance. ILS is a management process for ensuring that a system or product can be used, maintained, and managed at low cost, while meeting high standards in terms of general and operational reliability and maintenance.

LCC (Life Cycle Cost) is the result of an economic analysis in which the total costs and revenues for a system or product are compiled over its lifetime. LCC can be used to evaluate various alternatives for the development, bidding process, construction, and maintenance of the product during its lifetime.

With the rolling stock and its varied maintenance requirements as a starting point, a production facility is designed, equipped with the appropriate production technology based on the ILS and LCC methods.

Examples of heavy-duty production equipment being installed with great precision are the result of ILS and LCC analyses. Production technology-related work using the ILS and LCC analysis methods is conducted with the customer so that active choices can be made before and during project planning.