Train Alliance owns just over 400,000 sqm of land in Sigtuna, with railway connections in both the north and south. The assets generate track fees, rental income and management revenues. The area is part of the Stockholm Nord railway centre, an ambitious logistics initiative and an inter-connected network comprising approximately 500,000 sqm of track-connected land for the establishment of various logistics services. The area is already an important logistics hub for several public and private actors.

Strategic work is ongoing with the municipality and other landowners to continue to develop the area in as utilitarian a design as possible, which is why Train Alliance’s holdings may change via land swaps. Arlanda’s fuel depot is on the company’s land, which is classified as being of national interest, giving it special priority with the authorities.

In January 2022, the zooning plan for the area entered into force. The functional investigation that was determined in March 2024 involves a continued expansion of capacity and function with the aim of significantly increasing the area’s freight capacity. Train Alliance is in dialogues with the TEN-T ports (railway-connected ports) about handling significantly larger volumes of goods in the area.

Sweden’s new railway center Stockholm Nord

11a) Dry port terminal. 1b) Expansion 2022-2023


3Logistics area

4Bypass track and transfer railway yard

5Rosersberg/Brista rail-connected terminal

6Aviation fuel terminal for Arlanda

7800 m expansion bypass track