Facilities we manage

Train Alliance manages both its own production facilities and those of other property owners. The facilities are placed in locations with easy accessibility, facilitating economies of scale. The efficient use of infrastructure and production facilities frees up the railway line from non-value creating train movement. The facilities we manage also have access to shared infrastructure, providing economies of scale as several different stakeholders can use it in their operations.


Sigtuna, National combi-terminal Stockholm Nord

Combi-terminal with four tracks of around 750 m for loading and unloading of containers, trailers, and cars, as well as two tracks for wagons and locomotives. Maximum load per axel (STAX) 25 tonnes, electrified up to the terminal area. Classified as being of national interest.

Type: Combi-terminal
Opened: 2015
Size: 140,000 m²
Function: The largest terminal in Stockholm for containers and trailers with possibilities for expansion.



Sigtuna, Brista train terminal

Railway terminal for freight handling with three tracks and one connecting track. Main track facility with connections to the Ostkustbanan (East coast track) in both directions. Maximum load per axel (STAX) 25 tonnes. Classified as being of national interest.

Type: Railway facility for freight handling
Opened: 2006
Size: 30,000 m²
Function: Handling of various types of freight. Connected to the Brista industrial area.


Hallsberg, locomotive workshop

The locomotive workshop, which was put into operation in 2023, is strategically located in Hallsberg, at Sweden’s largest marshalling yard for freight traffic and along the TEN-T corridor. The service depot is equipped with advanced digital tools and systems that can quickly and efficiently carry out preventive and remedial vehicle maintenance. Siemens rents the facility on a 25-year lease.

Type: Locomotive workshop
Opened: 2023
Production area: approx. 1,220 m²
Support spaces: approx. 500 m²
Function: A flexibly designed maintenance workshop adapted for the new generation of Vectron locomotives, which, with ceiling height and plenty of space around vehicles, allows for an efficient and high-performing facility. The facility has two workshop tracks and one parking track built for an axle load of 25 tonnes and has the capacity to lift locomotives of up to 140 tonnes.


Hallsberg, combi-hall

Flow-based facility with around 600 metres of track, lengths adapted to TSD standard, maximum load per axle (STAX) 25 tonnes, electrified.

Type: Combi-hall
Opened: 2019
Size: 800 m²
Function: High-performance de-icing facility for quick and careful de-icing of rolling stock, graffiti cleaning, manual rolling stock cleaning and maintenance.
Production technology: De-icing equipment, cleaning equipment, centralised high-pressure equipment.


Hallsberg, train service hall

Flow-based facility with around 1,000 metres of track, lengths adapted to TSD standard, maximum load per axle (STAX) 25 tonnes, electrified.

Type: Train service hall
Opened: 2018
Size: 1,852 m²
Function: Turning of wheelsets, brake discs (wheel- and axle-mounted), logistics area for loading and unloading of components and goods in the hall, wheel changes and locomotive workspace with inspection pit and safety systems for roof work and replacement of roof-mounted components. Rolling stock stabling before and after activity.
Production technology: Hegenscheidt tandem lathe U2000-400D, which can also turn brake discs (wheel- and axle-mounted), Windhoff wheel set drop table, towing vehicle, Niteq RRM 3008, ABUS 10-tonne overhead travelling crane.


Malmö, freight wagon workshop

Flow-based facility with approx. 1,000 metres of non-electrified track with direct access to/from Malmö yard siding, intermodal freight terminal and harbour. Maximum load per axle (STAX) 22.5 tonnes.

Type: Freight wagon workshop
Opened: 2019
Size: 800 m²
Function: VPI-certified freight wagon workshop close to traffic
Production technology: Lifting jacks and inspection pits with custom indoor and outdoor storage and shed spaces.


Eskilstuna, locomotive workshop

Workshop with an electrified yard in front and behind. Several of the tracks flow through the workshop. Maximum load per axle (STAX) 22.5 tonnes.

Type: Locomotive workshop
Opened: 1941
Size: 2,904 m²
Function: Locomotive workshop with custom workshop areas. Inspection pits and facilities for roof work. Cleaning tracks for washing carriage bodies and the fronts of locomotives. Rolling stock composition in the workshop yard.
Production technology: Overhead travelling cranes and lifting jacks


Landskrona, freight wagon workshop

Separate workshop yard with stabling tracks in front of the workshop. Maximum load per axle (STAX) 22.5 tonnes.

Type: Freight wagon workshop
Opened: Around 1968
Size: 3,975 m²
Function: Freight wagon workshop with custom maintenance tracks with capacity for major overhauls and repairs.
Production technology: Lifting jacks, overhead travelling cranes, test facility for tankers.